Who am I?

My name is Sébastien Scheidt. Coach and hypnotherapist. I worked for many years in Ireland, USA and in Luxembourg for companies like Microsoft, Visio, Fortis and organizations like NATO in many different roles : Localizer, Software Developer, Test engineer, Analyst, Trainer, Team leader, Consultant, Program Manager, Team manager mainly in the field of computer science.

The most fulfilling experience it had been given to live, after having worked on the french version of Windows 95, was to work for a successful start up of 600 employee which was, in 2000, the biggest acquisition made by Microsoft at that (1.5 billion $). It's main software sold up to 5 millions copy across the world.
This company understood that all organization in the same commercial field tend to have access to the same resources. Same technologies, communication means, same interest rates, same date: the same resources are available to all player in one field.
Nonetheless, there is one resource that is exploited equally, those are human resources like talent, efficiency, motivation, passion and the need for excellence.

Those qualities give competitive the competitive edge leading to the success of a company.

I did grow in this context and in turn I made my colleagues, working in the team I was in charge, discover their skills and maximize them, for their own fulfillment and the success of the project we were working on.

By witnessing far less performing companies, I realized that empathy, trust, confidence and the role given to the collaborators, cooperation much more than competition, are by far the most effective tools to lead ambitious projects towards success, without forgetting pleasure.

My multicultural professional experience, my personal experience, my deep interest for everything related to emotional intelligence, personal development, human relationships and my philosophical interest for utilitarianism led me to get train as a coach at the "Institut International de Coaching" based in Geneva. This school, which was one of the first french school of coaching, and has been founded by Alain Carol an early adopter of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis who introduced those technics in France at beginning of the 80's.

Thanks to the training delivered there I discovered a professional way to use the skills a coach needs in professional and structured way. I completed my training at the French Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis for deeper understand of Human communication.


NLP Pratictioner (Institut International de Coaching)

MasterCoach (Institut International de Coaching)

Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner (IFHE)