Coaching tools

The coach uses tools inspired by 2 great American mainstreams in the therapy field: transactional analysis on the one hand and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) on the second hand, the latter combining the best practices from systemic therapies, hypnosis, Gestaldt therapy and family therapies.

Coaching prerequisites are:


  • every individual has inner resources deeply buried inside of him
  • every individual will always make the best choice among the possible choices
  • the more choices one has the better
  • knowing others' understanding of the world allows you to grow.


The tools:


  • Questioning and reformulation
  • The attitude (active listening, no judgement, development, rephrasing, benevolence)
  • Setting objectives (Louise Charboneau objectives' circles, anamnesis)
  • Fundamental values (exercises to identify needs, values, interferences, limits, personal reserves, to become an unconditional optimist)
  • The Reversal theory (Apter modal)regarding results
  • The Unawareness grid (transactional analysis)
  • The talents (Gallup)
  • The Logic levels (NLP) regarding motivation
  • The anchoring (NLP) regarding performance
  • The conflicting objectives
  • The images
  • The feedback
  • The questionnaire about oneself