Welcome to Coaching Inside

Choose your life : it's reality within your reach!

I have driven my life grabbing opportunities and I have decided to become a Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist.  Today, my life meets my expectations and I would like you to benefit from my experience.  I would like to help you build new links toward a future YOU will have chosen.  

I will guide you in your projects and I will help you free all the energy bottled up inside you so that you turn changes happening in your life (a new job, a job lay-off, a separation…)  into a success.

Together, we will identify your talents and you will learn how to express them in the different fields of your life.

Dare to be happy!

How will we work together ?

The decision to start a coaching sets the course towards changes that will shape a new future. You might discover that crises, doubts, self-questioning are in fact wonderful opportunities to evolve in different part of your life like work, family, personal and love life.

The meeting session can be done face to face or on the phone. The coach is not a counsellor and will remain neutral without any judgement during the exchanges. What is said will remain confidential during the exchange in order to encourage freedom of speech and to facilitate the shaping of a clear goal and the intermediate actions to undertake in order to reach it.

I will be on your side to help you to:


  • Setup goals
  • Shape strategies, tactics and action plans in order to implement them
  • Better use your resources
  • Remove obstacles
  • Increase you level of performance
  • Prepare yourself for new challenges
  • Build more fulfilling relationships
  • Build a life you want
  • Succeed in professional or personal life transitions
  • Make your business flourish and increase your incomes
  • Solve problems
  • Make decision
  • Cure some allergies or phobias
  • Get rid of some inhibitions
  • Get a more balanced life between work, family and personal life